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“Curiosity- That’s the secret”,a speech addressed by Robertson Davies is about a concept that individual can lead a successful life through curiosity and work. To prove his point Davies discuss that how people used to consider work in Oxford, when he was student, and how work is considered today. He give example of how lily works and concluded his speech by motivating individuals to work with curiosity, inorder to make their work interesting, and to enjoy secret and success of life.

In “Curiosity- That’s the secret”, Davies stresses that work should not be “mentioned”. When an individual takes ‘interest’, and get ‘absorbed’ in his work, a work doesn’t seems like work anymore. It becomes a sport like thing, which helps you to increase your physical as well as mental health. All you need is a passion towards your work, so you can give your best in it.

Davies suggest that work helps you to understand ‘all that life has to give you’. Work itself provides you with motivation and energy. Work also provides you with new perspectives to observe the world, in an entirely different way. Forexample, doctors observe life diffrently as compared to lawyers. Doctors are more concerned about diseases and medicines, and how to save life. However, lawyers focuse on resolving the conflict between different people. Although both profession involves life and how to save that life. But the life  itself seems different to people belonging to these professions.

Davies concluded his address by saying that an individual can become achiever ‘by bringing curiosity to his work’. Curiosity is a key to bring success in one’s life. It is curiosity which has brought fame, wealth, and respect to many individuals. Curiosity has an immense power which can turn dreams into reality. Nobody has thought of flying in the air before 1903. But it was the curiosity and working through which Wright brothers, Orville and Wilbur Wright, turned their dream of flying in the air, into reality.