creating monsters!

Now i know how people having similar experiences or gone through the same trauma end up making a special kind of bond between themselves. These people are empathetic towards each other. They know how the other suffers when gone through the similar situation. Their suffering binds them together for a reaction. And then, they emerge as a force, united and focused, having a same goal i.e. somehow to eliminate that cause of their sufferings. Their empathy i.e. converted into enthusiasm by then, finally turns them apathetic. And they become MONSTERS. Now they are wild, barbaric, and have no social limitations and morality. That is how talibanization might have started. This is what have been started in our country too. People are devoid of their basic needs. People are not secured. And that day isn’t far away when their sufferings will be creating monsters all around us.


language of silence.

It happens after the long experience of love. When two individuals share so much about them that they know the other person completely. That much, that apart from flesh they can identify the soul of their beloved one. It happens when both of them reach that certain level of spirituality when just words are not the only medium to communicate. And they experience that completeness, when they experience their second half as not their second half but a unified whole. It happens, and it’s real. As Rumi said:
”Hidden from all I will speak to you without words.
No one but you will hear my story
Even if I tell it in the middle of the crowd.”


I don’t know why people are so excited about new year. every thing around us remains same and old. Same people, same problems, same dillemmas, same expectations, same discrimination, same enviornment, same world….just a new date and new year.

People are crazy. They wait for an year to make new resolutions, so that they can break them later. They make great promises, so that they can break them later.  Really….what a serious and sincere beginning of a new year.

Every year in our life is just another addition to our previous year/years. We should make resolution for our LIFE, not for just an year. And there should be a feeling of responsibility with your commitment, so you can fulfill that particular commitment/resolution. Unlike, just making resolutions out of fun.