Teenage V/S Adulthood

In the kingdom of our adulthood we are free to live our life as we want to live it, but still we are not so free. We have to think twice before our every act and utterance. We have to think about our beloved ones, before thinking about ourselves. We have to live according to the preset expectations set by our parents and society, in order to be considered ‘adult’. On-the-contrary teenage is the best part of life in which we can actually live for ourselves, as nobody has expectations from us. However adults have to live to fulfill expectations which mostly belong to others.

In our teenage we can focus on our passion, however, in our adulthood we have to focus on our profession. In our teenage, lets say, if i love to paint I’ll be free to spend my spare time on my passion. However, when it comes to professional life people seldom find out following their passion. The aim of the life of adults is to fulfill their responsibilities. They have to earn enough money, so they and their families can live comfortable life. They have to go to social gatherings, so their personal relations will not get disturbed. They have to give time to their families, so their family setup should be maintained. You often find out adults complaining that they don’t get enough time to fulfill their daily chores. So how could a person follow his passion that lacks time to fulfill his daily chores?

In our teenage we are free to be ourselves, however in our adulthood we have to wear a facade and behave according to norms and values of our society. There are so many restrictions on us in our adulthood as to wear what or what not. Such as, a lady of 35 or 40 years old wearing jeans and t-shirt would be considered odd. In social gatherings also, whether you like your guests or not, you have to invite them and talk with them for the sake of personal relations. And all the conversation you’d be having with them should be pleasing, polite and not face-threatening. You don’t have to be concerned about these restrictions in your teenage. You are free to wear anything or to talk with a person you like.

In our teenage we don’t have to be concerned about our calories and physique, however, in our adulthood we have to look smart in order to get job, to marry, or to admired by others. We can eat as many chocolates and ice-creams as we want. We don’t have to be concerned about our physique. In fact, you’d be considered cute if you are little chubby. But if you are an adult and have some extra calories, people will make you insane and realize that you are suffering from a very serious disease called “obesity”. Thanks to the media’s promotion of slenderness that fat persons actually left in the long run of life because of the stereotype association of fatness with ugliness, laziness, ignorance and lacking of will power.

The acquisition of adulthood demands a sacrifice of the joys of teenage. In the name of gaining maturity, sensibility, practicality, responsibility, an adult has to lose innocence, enjoyments, dreams and sometimes even his self. The more you’ll be successful, the less you’ll be having time for yourself. The more you’ll be pleasing society, the less you’ll be pleasing yourself. The more you’ll be living for others, the less you’ll be having a time to live for yourself. In short, the benefit of ‘whole’ results in the loss of ‘self’ in your adulthood.

Life is the Hyphen between matter and spirit. Where matter is adulthood, spirit is childhood, and teenage is that hyphen…”the life”.



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