the lamp of lovers connect,

not at their ceramic bases,

but in their lightedness….


lightening from here  strikes There….


God’s wisdom made us lovers of one another.

in fact, all the particles of the world

are in love and looking for lovers….


my longing is more profound.

the birds want sweet green herbs

and the water running by.


I want the infinite! i want wisdom.

these birds want orchards and meadows

and vines with fruit on them.


I want a vast expansion….

Remember what the soul wants,

because in that, eternity

is wanting our souls!


which is the meaning of the text,

they love that, and that loves them….

the gist is: whatever anyone seeks,

that is seeking the seeker….


every bit of the univers

is filled with wanting,

and whatever any bit wants,

want the wanter!

God fixes a passionate desire in you,

and then dissapoints you.

God does that a hundred times!


God breaks the wing of one intention

and then gives you another,

cuts the rope of contriving,

so you’ll remember your dependence.


but sometimes your plans work out!

you feel fulfilled and in control.


that’s because, if you are always failing,

you might give up. but remember,

it is by failures that lovers

stay aware of how they are loved.


Failure is the key

to the kingdom within.


your prayer should be, “break the legs

of what i want to happen. humiliate

my desire. eat me like candy.

its spring and finally i have no will.”


by RUMI.

(Mathnawi, III, 4391 – 4472)

From ‘Feeling the Shoulder of the Lion’
Translated by Coleman Barks.


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