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In 1893, Pharmacist Caleb Bradham of New Bern, North Carolina introduced a drink, called “Brad’s drink” which became the most popular beverage of his time. The ingredients of “Brad’s drink” were carbonated water, sugar, vanilla, rare oils, pepsin and cola nuts. It was later renamed as “Pepsi cola” in 1898, and still is the most favorite soft drink, especially among youth. The advertisement strategy of Pepsi cola has done a great deal of work to make it all time favorite.


1960’s black and white commercial shows two young couples, drinking Pepsi and enjoying at fountain, while dancing and talking with each other. The song playing in the background says “pick the right one, smarter and light one, now its Pepsi for those who think young.” This commercial point towards the link between Pepsi, youngness and smartness. It provoke people that if they think they are young, then they should ask for Pepsi. Pepsi is in fashion and symbolizes “leisure” so those who think young, as young refers to smartness and intelligence, should opt for Pepsi. This ad also target youngsters, as youngsters are the one who can do anything to be considered as smart.


Another commercial from 60’sshows ice hockey match. When players get exhausted they drink chilled Pepsi and start playing again. This commercial indicate towards the experiment that “Pepsi taste better when chilled”, conducted by Pepsi cola company. This ad is colored as color TV’s were introduced by then. The ad point towards the energy which Pepsi boost when a person is exhausted, merely adding to his activeness. The song playing behind in background says that Pepsi got a taste “that beats the other cold”, perhaps pointing towards the taste of Coca-Cola so their viewers start believing that Pepsi cola is better than Coca-Cola.


In one of the commercial of 1970,for the first time Black Americans were shown in the ad. It was the result of newly found rights of Black Americans that they were shown in the ad enjoying, hugging White Americans, talking with them, and drinking Pepsi. The song playing in a background says:

Pepsi have some color of life, it’s a Pepsi generation, coming at you growing strong. Put yourself behind a Pepsi, if you are living you’ll ask, you got a right to live and Pepsi’s got luck to give.” The lyrics of this song emphasize on “live and let others live” philosophy, that Pepsi believes in giving equal respect and importance to every costumer of Pepsi, and this caring factor adds color in life, bringing joy to people. Its total new era, whose generation believes in equality of mankind and Pepsi support this generation by calling it “a Pepsi generation”,


In early 80’s Pepsi challenge the leading Cola which was Coca-Cola by conducting blind taste test in which more than 50% of people preferred Pepsi over Coca-Cola. In their adthey use tag line “don’t take our word for it, let your taste decide”, asking their viewers that if you don’t believe in our words, decide yourself by testing Pepsi. At that time sale rate of Coca-Cola was higher than Pepsi and is still higher today, this ad affects their sale rate. People who were not Pepsi costumer bought Pepsi to check the validity of their claim, which result in high sale of Pepsi. To the reaction of this blind taste test, Coca-Cola Company later improves their product’s taste, by doing some changes in their recipe.


Michael Jackson has done many Pepsi ads during the period of 80’s. He has sung a song “Pepsi The choice of new generation”. Michael Jackson is a legend and will always be an impression to people for his own unique style of songs and dance. By taking Michael Jackson in their ads, Pepsi Cola Company intended to hit youth, as youth was extremely mad about Michael Jackson. He was a choice of new generation and by supporting Pepsi, he made “Pepsi The choice of new generation”.


Another ad from 80’s, starring Michael J. Fox (playing double role as robot) and Lori Laughlin introduced Diet Pepsi, with a caption “Diet Pepsi that’s Generation ahead”. Diet Pepsi was introduced because people were becoming more self-conscious about their weight and figure. Obesity spreads through junk food and Pepsi comes into that category, so people started avoiding Pepsi. Also the ideal figure of size zero was also spreading as an obsession among women. Women were becoming diet conscious for that. So when stars having ideal body figure were shown drinking Diet Pepsi, people also consider it harmless for their body figure.


The life of next generation is considered to be depending on Robots. By showing robots in Pepsi Ad and the caption “Diet Pepsi that’s Generation ahead”, the Company might want to indicate towards that Diet Pepsi would definitely be the choice of the upcoming generation.


Pepsi adtaken from 90’s having a tag line “the joy of Cola”, featuring Aretha Franklin, who acted as Helen Keller in a movie “Helen Keller” and became popular. “The joy of cola” ad basically indicates toward the idea that if you want to enjoy you should drink Pepsi, or drink Pepsi, it will bring happiness to you. The ad shows that drinking Pepsi makes you enjoy your party and adds to the fun, and rejoices, which are incomplete without Pepsi.


A commercial “Coke vs. Pepsi” has taken from the year 2000 onwards shows a man from Pepsi Company and a man from Coca-Cola Company. They talked for a while and share their cans. A man who drink Coca cola return the can but a man who drink Pepsi refuses to return Pepsi can. The caption of this ad is “Nothing else is Pepsi”. This ad shows cola rivalry between Pepsi cola and Coca-Cola. This ad indicates towards the idea that Pepsi is only one among its kind, and no other cola offer such a delightful taste which Pepsi offers. This ad promotes peculiarity of Pepsi, saying “Nothing else is Pepsi”.


Another commercial which has taken from the year 2000, features Queens of music Britney Spears, Pink and Beyonce as three gladiators, and very famous singer Enrique Igleases as a king. In this ad three gladiator women sing “we will rock you” instead of battle inside the coliseum, to earn Pepsi. The energy, the power of crowd, the classy-ness of coliseum, presence of mind of gladiators shown in this ad, depicts the uniqueness which Pepsi brings to a person.


Another commercial of Pepsi generation shows Britney Spears singing medley, having Pepsi tag lines of 1958 to 2000 in it. This commercial is a very good depiction of Pepsi’s evolution of ideas, for targeting their costumers, through Pepsi commercials. Pepsi Company started their commercials by symbolizing Pepsi with youngness. Then company appeal Pepsi to youngsters by saying “it’s a Pepsi generation”, as youngsters are the one with which present generation used to be associated with. Later the Pepsi company claims Pepsi to be special as it has special taste, different from other colas, and more when it serve chilled, it beat out other colas. Then the company comes up with the idea “lot to live”, which refers to the rights of individual to live his life fully. Later Pepsi Cola

Company comes up with the tag line, which refers to the Pepsi’s peculiarity as “simply irresistible” drink. Pepsi has become the part of life. It has become the important beverage item for parties and functions. Moreover people drink Pepsi without any reason when they want some change and to experience “joy”. All of the evolution of marketing ideas mentioned above has brought together under one commercial very beautifully and attractively.

If we compare these commercials, we can easily observe the theme and thinking behind these ads. All of them are associated with youth, joy, smartness, life, fashion, social utility and the best flavor which only Pepsi offers. The actors they opt for their ads are young or already successful singer or film or TV star, famous among youth. The scenario they opt in their ads is also full of life and happiness, depicting individuals or as a group enjoying the life. All of their commercials mostly target youth by showing their favorite super stars, and by using catchy lines like “it’s a Pepsi generation” to play with their psychology. As when it comes to a thing which’s in fashion of that generation, or an artist after whom the people are mad, youngsters would definitely go for that thing.



Teenage V/S Adulthood

In the kingdom of our adulthood we are free to live our life as we want to live it, but still we are not so free. We have to think twice before our every act and utterance. We have to think about our beloved ones, before thinking about ourselves. We have to live according to the preset expectations set by our parents and society, in order to be considered ‘adult’. On-the-contrary teenage is the best part of life in which we can actually live for ourselves, as nobody has expectations from us. However adults have to live to fulfill expectations which mostly belong to others.

In our teenage we can focus on our passion, however, in our adulthood we have to focus on our profession. In our teenage, lets say, if i love to paint I’ll be free to spend my spare time on my passion. However, when it comes to professional life people seldom find out following their passion. The aim of the life of adults is to fulfill their responsibilities. They have to earn enough money, so they and their families can live comfortable life. They have to go to social gatherings, so their personal relations will not get disturbed. They have to give time to their families, so their family setup should be maintained. You often find out adults complaining that they don’t get enough time to fulfill their daily chores. So how could a person follow his passion that lacks time to fulfill his daily chores?

In our teenage we are free to be ourselves, however in our adulthood we have to wear a facade and behave according to norms and values of our society. There are so many restrictions on us in our adulthood as to wear what or what not. Such as, a lady of 35 or 40 years old wearing jeans and t-shirt would be considered odd. In social gatherings also, whether you like your guests or not, you have to invite them and talk with them for the sake of personal relations. And all the conversation you’d be having with them should be pleasing, polite and not face-threatening. You don’t have to be concerned about these restrictions in your teenage. You are free to wear anything or to talk with a person you like.

In our teenage we don’t have to be concerned about our calories and physique, however, in our adulthood we have to look smart in order to get job, to marry, or to admired by others. We can eat as many chocolates and ice-creams as we want. We don’t have to be concerned about our physique. In fact, you’d be considered cute if you are little chubby. But if you are an adult and have some extra calories, people will make you insane and realize that you are suffering from a very serious disease called “obesity”. Thanks to the media’s promotion of slenderness that fat persons actually left in the long run of life because of the stereotype association of fatness with ugliness, laziness, ignorance and lacking of will power.

The acquisition of adulthood demands a sacrifice of the joys of teenage. In the name of gaining maturity, sensibility, practicality, responsibility, an adult has to lose innocence, enjoyments, dreams and sometimes even his self. The more you’ll be successful, the less you’ll be having time for yourself. The more you’ll be pleasing society, the less you’ll be pleasing yourself. The more you’ll be living for others, the less you’ll be having a time to live for yourself. In short, the benefit of ‘whole’ results in the loss of ‘self’ in your adulthood.

Life is the Hyphen between matter and spirit. Where matter is adulthood, spirit is childhood, and teenage is that hyphen…”the life”.


Longing by Matthew Arnold

Come to me in my dreams, and then

By day I shall be well again!

For so the night will more than pay

The hopeless longing of the day.

Come, as thou cam’st a thousand times,

A messenger from radiant climes,

And smile on thy new world,and be

As kind to others as to me!

Or, as thou never cam’st in sooth,

Come now, and let me dream it truth,

And part my hair, and kiss my brow,

And say, My love why sufferest thou?

Come to me in my dreams,

and then By day I shall be well again!

For so the night will more than pay

The hopeless longing of the day.


Concept of punishment is as ancient as the concept of the establishment of first human civilization. God punished Adam and Eve for the first time, in human history, when they disobeyed God and ate the forbidden fruit, acting against God’s will. As the result of their disobedience against the preset rule i.e. “not to eat the forbidden fruit”, they were thrown out of paradise and sent to earth (an isolated place) as their punishment.

Crime, criminal and punishment, all three of them are linked together. So to understand one phenomenon we should have the better understanding of other two also. Crime is a serious offense against the public law. It’s a breaking of a regulation. According to Encyclopedia Britannica “Crime is an intentional act, that is deemed injurious to the public welfare or morals, and that is legally prohibited and punishable.[1] A person who commits crime is a criminal. Criminal is considered malignant for society and crime, punishment is been given to criminals for their crimes so they should feel sorry for it and people would learn a lesson from their punishment that every bad, ends up bad. So basically punishment is for the welfare, prosperity and security of a society and its people.

In every corner of the world, for each crime there is a punishment accordingly. These punishments are different from each other by their specific aspect and application. “Death penalty, Deportation, Exile or life imprisonment, Imprisonment, Solitary confinement, Corporal Punishment, Imprisonment for indefinite period, and Fine”[2] are the punishments given all around the world to criminals. Among them Death Penalty or Death Sentence is the most severe type of punishment, which is considered as the Capital Punishment and been given on a very severe kind of crimes, such as murder and impulsiveness against state and religion.

In Islam Death Penalty is restricted to “rebellions and murderers” (Surah AlHijrat, 9), “Adulterer and Adulteress” (Muslim Shareef Sharah Alnoori, 11th edition, pp 202) “Impulsiveness against Islam” (Surah Al-Maida, 33), “an Apostate” (Hidayat AL-Mujahid-Az-Ibn-e-Rushd, 2nd edition, pp 383), ‘Intentionally Killing” (Surah Baqra: 178, Surah Bani Israel: 33, Surah Al-Maida: 45) [3]. According to Pakistan Penal code following crime leads to Death Punishment:

  1. Intentional Killing [section 303 (4) (c)]
  2. War against Government of Pakistan. [121 (4) (c)]
  3. To support rebellions. [132 (4) (c)]
  4. To bear false testimony against a person that leads to his death sentence.     [194 (4) (c)]
  5. Killing [302 (4) (c)]
  6. To support a suicider connecting child or lover. [305 (4) (c)]
  7. Killing for robbery. [396 (4) (c)]
  8. Robbery for the intention of killing or doing harm. [397 (4) (c)]
  9. Molest a woman and then expose her in front of public. [354 (1)]
  10. Kidnapping for property. [365 (1)]
  11. Hijacking. [402 (2)]
  12. Kidnapping of a child below10 years old. [364 (1)][4]


The reason behind giving Capital punishment is to take revenge from a criminal, for his crime and to set an example for other, so they should avoid crime. Capital punishment finishes crime and criminal both, and save society from further crimes.



There are two schools of thoughts, one is in favor of capital punishment and other is against capital punishment.  Those who are in favor of capital punishment support it by saying that “killing of one person is like killing whole humanity[5]. It’s actually true because one person is attached with so many other persons emotionally, socially, or economically. Some times a single person support a family of five or eight. If you kill that person, you are not just taking away his life but you are taking away a supplier of basic human needs from that family. So a murderer should be sentenced to death.

Capital punishment is also good solution to “control crime[6]. If criminals would be left unpunished and forgiven for their crimes, then it will encourage other criminals to commit crime. There would be no fear for committing crime because there’ll be no severe punishment to prevent them from committing crime. It shows the “system of justice[7] that every severe crime has a severe punishment accordingly. Islam also says that life should be taken for life.

By giving capital punishment to a murderer, the family of a person has been murdered feels some consolation. The feeling to take revenge is controlled. Otherwise, if everyone would be taking revenge by themselves for their lose, it would create law and order situation. Capital punishment is been given so the value of life of an individual and judiciary should be understood. It helps in finishing dissoluteness of a state.

The other school of thought which is against capital punishment says that it should not be given at all because it doesn’t benefit the family of the person whose been murdered. Instead of giving capital punishment, ransom should be taken from the criminal and give it to the family. However I don’t agree with this idea. There is no amount of money, property or anything which can replace a person’s life. The emotions, the feelings which a family shares cannot be bought from money. Money can’t bring happiness and cannot replace a human life. And by taking ransom and freeing a criminal can only help in increasing crimes. It promotes the idea that one can pay some amount for killing a life, and easily escape from the consequences. It would also evoke the feeling of revenge in a family, and could harm the law and order situation.

The other point against capital punishment is that the criminal could not feel guilty and sorry for his crime. Through death a criminal escapes pain of a punishment. However I feel that if a person comes to know that he’s going to die soon, the time period in between his death is more than enough to make him realize and to make him feel guilty about what he has done. He would definitely feel pain because every minute bring him near to his death, and worst thing is he knows about it. May be this is a reason that before the time of hanging a person to death, a team of doctor do a medical checkup of a criminal, so when he would be hanged he could feel the pain.

Another point against capital punishment is that it kills the chance of rectification of a criminal. However I believe that habitual criminals and psychopaths are the dangerous and harmful part of society. They can never be corrected and rectified, and can never become a good citizen. In short they are burden on society and they should be killed.

In England Death Punishment has been prohibited for the children below the age of eighteen and for pregnant ladies. In USA apart from few states, death punishment is prohibited. The rule of giving death punishment is finished from Switzerland in 1942, from Sweden in 1961, from Italy in 1948, from Cuba, Newzeland, Queensland, Mexico, state of Michigan (America) in 1948 and from Raved Island in 1854.[8] The reason behind prohibiting capital punishment was to protect human life. According to western countries no one has a right to take human life, given by God.  Death punishment is unethical and “illegal”, and it opposes human rights. We can see the conflict in their word and deed because it was these Western countries, which make an alliance after 9/11, to take revenge from Afghanistan and kill millions of innocent people, and the criminals (Osama-bin-Ladin and Al-Qaida) were remained unharmed. It is America who on every second day doing drone attack on Pakistan, still killing innocent people. The state of California is considered as a state of crimes, but when it comes to death punishment whole western Human rights commission stand against it, declaring it harmful for the human rights. On the other hand Islam has declared death punishment for certain crimes, which I had mentioned in the beginning, and there are no contradictory statements present about the death punishment. The concept of death punishment in Islam is exemplary, preventive and corrective. The punishment is for everyone who commits certain crime, and there is no alteration for that. Islam is a religion of balance; the rules have been set by God himself. If our judiciary follows Islamic rules for death punishment, the society would be in harmony.

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the lamp of lovers connect,

not at their ceramic bases,

but in their lightedness….


lightening from here  strikes There….


God’s wisdom made us lovers of one another.

in fact, all the particles of the world

are in love and looking for lovers….


my longing is more profound.

the birds want sweet green herbs

and the water running by.


I want the infinite! i want wisdom.

these birds want orchards and meadows

and vines with fruit on them.


I want a vast expansion….

Remember what the soul wants,

because in that, eternity

is wanting our souls!


which is the meaning of the text,

they love that, and that loves them….

the gist is: whatever anyone seeks,

that is seeking the seeker….


every bit of the univers

is filled with wanting,

and whatever any bit wants,

want the wanter!

God fixes a passionate desire in you,

and then dissapoints you.

God does that a hundred times!


God breaks the wing of one intention

and then gives you another,

cuts the rope of contriving,

so you’ll remember your dependence.


but sometimes your plans work out!

you feel fulfilled and in control.


that’s because, if you are always failing,

you might give up. but remember,

it is by failures that lovers

stay aware of how they are loved.


Failure is the key

to the kingdom within.


your prayer should be, “break the legs

of what i want to happen. humiliate

my desire. eat me like candy.

its spring and finally i have no will.”


by RUMI.

(Mathnawi, III, 4391 – 4472)

From ‘Feeling the Shoulder of the Lion’
Translated by Coleman Barks.