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language of silence.

It happens after the long experience of love. When two individuals share so much about them that they know the other person completely. That much, that apart from flesh they can identify the soul of their beloved one. It happens when both of them reach that certain level of spirituality when just words are not the only medium to communicate. And they experience that completeness, when they experience their second half as not their second half but a unified whole. It happens, and it’s real. As Rumi said:
”Hidden from all I will speak to you without words.
No one but you will hear my story
Even if I tell it in the middle of the crowd.”



I don’t know why people are so excited about new year. every thing around us remains same and old. Same people, same problems, same dillemmas, same expectations, same discrimination, same enviornment, same world….just a new date and new year.

People are crazy. They wait for an year to make new resolutions, so that they can break them later. They make great promises, so that they can break them later.  Really….what a serious and sincere beginning of a new year.

Every year in our life is just another addition to our previous year/years. We should make resolution for our LIFE, not for just an year. And there should be a feeling of responsibility with your commitment, so you can fulfill that particular commitment/resolution. Unlike, just making resolutions out of fun.


Even after decades of existence of Pakistan we are unable to solve its major problems, instead we are heading towards more problems, which eventuate in devastating and ravaging crises, occurring every second day in Pakistan. These crisis includes energy crisis, electricity crisis, food crisis, educational crisis, water crisis, wheat crisis, political crisis, judiciary crisis, law and order crisis, and God knows how many more crisis are on their way.


Due to these regular based crises, we as an individual and as a nation have become desensitized. We don’t care what the hell is happening around us. Our emotions have been dispatched with the terrorist attacks. We have stop pondering over our social issues. Now-a-days, if we watch any news related to bomb blast or natural disaster or disaster happen to some one, we wait for a second, verbalize some thing with grief and sorrow, and switch to some other channel. Our emotions and sensitivity had buried somewhere between these crisis. With continuous qualm and twinges, we have become so used to it that now if a new mishap occurs, we resist for sometime and finally accepts it. Like the case of sugar crises. Have we boycotted the sugar when fake sugar crisis was posed by the government, despite of the fact that it is impossible to have a shortage of sugar in an agricultural country, whose major crop is sugar? No! We accepted that brutality. We are confuse and ignorant. We have stop analyzing and keep on taking one-way information. We have opposite priorities in our life. The things of high importance are at lowest. We have given priority to our luxuries instead to our needs. We as a nation are show-off people. We feel pride in having costly trifle and petty things, and feel great joy in wasting our money on them. We judge status of people with their hand sets. If it’s Apple I-phone, then only he is considerable, respectable and a well-off person. Other wise he is poor, non-respectable or a backward person- living in past. Today the gate keepers also keep mobile costs ten to thirteen thousands. This shows that we are very far from the right path.


Every time we elect same old representatives, with the same old promises, which results in same old failures and same old bankruptcy. We love to be dumb and dense by politicians. Every time former government is accused of making propagandas and doing less. Every time present government tries to convince and persuade the nation through state media that a miracle is being manufactured for the nation under a very competent and dynamic team of the chief executives. They have a secret weapon against us they use every time, “Temporary Relief”. If some police officer breaks rule and laws of the state, transfer him. If people die in bomb blast, just announce two lacs for their families and pay only if media do its coverage. If people get frustrated and take law and order in their hands, fulfill their needs until they cool down. They never take changes permanent to the system so it never happens again. Today message is far cheaper than the roti. This is a state of sarcasm if one feels.


An independent research organization, that compiles an annual list of dysfunctional states has placed Pakistan on 9th spot in foreign policy and “Fund for peace”, which is an independent magazine. It has declared Somalia to be the most dysfunctional state followed by Sudan, Zimbabwe, Chad, Iraq, Congo, Afghanistan, Ivory Coast, Pakistan and Central African State.


I am not sure where we are heading. We seem to be in total consonance toward destruction and the irony is that every one of us including government is responsible of this. If we didn’t realize this today, we will be destroyed forever. Always remember, seeds of faith are always within us; it’s just sometimes it takes a crisis to nourish and encourage their growth.