After getting admission in university and once the classes were started, first place of me and my friends concern was university cafeteria. Being students of Karachi University, we found no difficulty as there were many cafeterias near every department.

Cafeteria is one type of food service centre , in which little or no table service is provided as is the case of mostly Cafeteria situated within other institutions such as offices , colleges , universities , amusement parks , hospitals and airports e.t.c. Cafeteria are different from coffee houses , although that is the Spanish meaning of English word. Instead of serving on tables , there are food serving counter , where costumer takes food whatsoever they require or order the food and wait while it is prepared , particularly for items such as burgers , kachoris, roll paratha, chicken tikka or biryani which must be served hot and can quickly prepared.

For many, university is the first time that they have had freedom to eat, or not eat, whatever they want, and they tend to take full advantage of their new found independence. While every cafeteria offers some sort of healthy fare, it’s easy to see how one could head straight for the oh-so-tempting plate of fries or pratha roll with a glass of Pepsi, which results in freshmen 15.

There are number of cafeteria in Karachi University and each and every cafeteria is always found to be surrounded by the huge crowd of costumers. But some particular cafeterias are famous for their peculiar items. Such as, cafeteria of chemistry department is famous for its kachori. Biryani, French fries and Paratha roll of PG is famous. Science canteen near Physio department is famous for club sandwich; Ra (ranger’s canteen) is famous for gol gappey. Samosas of computer science department are quite delicious, tea available at zoology department is quite delightful and fresh juices available at juice corner are quite refreshing.

The all time famous cafeteria of students of KU is PG. There are about seven or eight canteens at one place surrounded by trees and rush, which provide pleasant environment to costumers. The best particular about PG is that every kind of meal, refreshments and bakery goods are available at one place and in reasonable and affordable prices. People uses to come from near by areas at PG, who wants to enjoy (as eating has become an amusement these days) at cheap and affordable prices. Students of university after long, tiring lectures, enjoy themselves, share their notes, do gossips and make fun while buying their food items. Students who bunk their classes also hang around PG. Majority of students consider PG to be a best part of university.

According to my mother, the plates and spoons used to serve at university cafeteria are quite old and used to be at the time when my mother was a student of Karachi University. Also some students consider their food to be unhygienic and not satisfying. But the bottom line is that these cafeterias are contributing a memorable part to the students’ lives. The rush, the trees and long lines of students buying their food are something the students of KU want to remember always.


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