Emotional “Good-Bye”

“You guys are the most obedient and calm students, I’ve ever have. You never scold me for my mistakes. Today, I’m asking you to forgive me for my irresponsible behavior and my mistakes, while I was teaching you. I want to give you some kind advices.

Always remember that from the same drawing room, in which, you are spending your time with your parents, you have to give shoulder to them and celeberate their funeral. Your parents are your best possessions. ‘This’ is the time you have to take care for them. Love them and understand their value. As time never comes back, and once its passed you could only regret. Be prepare that everyone has to die…you, me, and even your parents.

Bring patience in your life. Never react under intense emotions. As some times Time itself heals and rectify the worst situations. But your reactions can only make it worse.

Never deny to give the basic things you have at your house, to someone needy. People usually refuse to help others out of habit.

Feed orphans, you’ll be enjoying satisfaction and joy from your soul. Act on it and spread the words.

Thankyou so much and always remember me in your prayer…atleast once- and please forgive me.”

(Sir N.Z, showering gems in sociology class, dated 24th Nov’ 2011)


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