AsH@MeD :/

Nothing new…same words, same advices, to value your parents, to bring patience in your life, to help needy and to feed orphans…but still all of the sudden I was feeling like a convict, a sinner and was guiltyof wasting my entire life in…aimlessness and negligience.

I was moved by the sincerity of his words, the depth of his tone and his down-to-earth gestures. the pure shine and child like innocence in his eyes, held my gaze and i felt like “I should jump out of the window”.

I was shivering, not mere physically but also from inside. His entire speech touched my soul, and at-once from the very depth of my heart I wanted to be that person-the obedient and most caring daughter, the most calm and patient individual, always ready to help needy.

He was delivering these common advices as if he was giving the key to success and happiness. There was light of faith and hope in his eyes, and smile of belief on his face. He was asking our forgiveness again and again. It seemed like Father Adam is asking a Satan to forgive him (when he has not even done anything wrong). It was truelly embarracing.

He is such a down-to-earth person and at that moment he depicts the face of an angel. He is angel…my spiritual father, and will always be there- in my memory.


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