ACCIDENT…(oh! hello world)

“I don’t believe in accidents. There are only encounters in history. There are no accidents.”

I was scribbling on the paper, when an idea hit my neurons “lets start writing”. Since I’ve already written articles for the newspaper (some of them luckily got published too!), so writing frequently is not that difficult for me as it is for some poor fellows. Also, it will help me with my writing skills, and to discover myself and the world around me. And that’s how I think of writing a daily diary, but diary seems to be ‘personal’ (isn’t it), and I wanted to share my ideas with the ‘world’, so I can get knowledge from other people as well. And then It happened that one day searching for some topic on ‘lucky’ google, I happen to encounter with Awais Aftab’s blog, and AGAIN an idea hit my neurons “why not blog”. Yes, blog is all what I want, and I right away activate my blog.

A person can learn from nature and through his learning could nurture his soul-his spirit. And for I, who believe in nature and nurture, learning and growing, spiritualdenizen (Spiritual Denizen) happens to be the best thing of my life.


02:20 AM


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